Top 13 Programming Languages Trends In 2022

If you want more control, you can also use Flask, a minimalist web development framework. SlashData’s latest report also aimed to take the pulse on developer sentiment amid changing workforce dynamics and a tech-hiring market in flux. But there is a reason for this – R is a language tailored to statistical computing and graphics. It is used for data analysis and visualization, as well as for various experiments with data. In addition, according to experts, it has a higher entry threshold than the same Python.

Top 5 web development languages

Rounding out the top five most popular languages were C/C++ (7.5m developers), PHP (7.3m) and C# (7.1m). Of these, PHP has grown the fastest over the past six months, SlashData reported, acquiring one million new developers between Q1 and Q3. Like JavaScript, PHP remains popular for Web and backend applications.


And, if you need more choices, here is another list of the best HTML and CSS courses to start with. And, if you need more choices or free alternatives, here is a list of some free Ruby on Rails courses to start with. And, if you need more choices or free alternatives, here is another list of some free PHP and MySQL courses to start with.

Developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1990s, the multi-purpose high-level Pythonhas grown extremely fast over the years to become one of the most popular programming languages today. I may get a lot of flaks for including PHP in this list of best programming languages for web development in 2022 but to be honest, PHP is one of the best programming languages when it comes to creating web applications. SlashData’s latest Developer Nation report looks at the popularity of programming languages and trends from the global developer community. Swift is a programming language with concise syntax and various features that developers love. One of the biggest advantages is that Swift is that it is design-friendly, and at the same time, it’s fast. That is, it is a strictly typed language that gives developers efficient tools of any scale.

Swift is Apple’s own programming language that was released in 2014 as a replacement for its Objective-C programming language. It is a multi-paradigm general-purpose programming how to hire a Web Developer language that’s extremely efficient and designed to improve developer productivity. Golang is fast and has a simple syntax, allowing anyone to pick up the programming language.

Top Programming Languages: Most Popular And Fastest Growing Choices For Developers

Leave us a message or give us a call so we could discuss the details. We will gladly tell you more about choosing the right team for your business goals and saving your time and money on software development. It’s dynamic and open-source – many developers appreciate these two features.

Top 5 web development languages

Objective-C is a compiled object-oriented programming language used by the Apple Corporation, built on top of the C language and Smalltalk paradigms. In particular, the object model is built in the style of Smalltalk – that is, messages are sent to objects. Objective-C originated in the 80s as a modification of C towards Smalltalk.

While it’s not exactly new and has passed the test of time, it’s probably the most versatile programming language at the moment. Though, you don’t need to learn all of these programming languages, choose the one which you like and which meets your requirement. If you are stuck or get confused, choose JavaScript, as you can never get wrong with that. Rust grew faster than any other programming language in the last 24 months, SlashData found. JavaScript, Python, Java, C/C++, PHP and C# top the programming language popularity charts.


But there’s no beating the efficiency of C/C++ when it comes to building system tools and operating systems as it continues to enjoy the number one spot on TIOBE’s software quality index. SQL remains one of the best programming languages to tinker around vast databases, while C# proves perfect for Windows. Swift has also been seeing a rise in popularity among developers looking to build for Apple’s hardware.

  • JavaScript is now used by more than 16.4 million developers globally, says a survey of more than 19,000 coders – making it the world’s most popular programming language “by a wide margin”.
  • Though, you don’t need to learn all of these programming languages, choose the one which you like and which meets your requirement.
  • Over the years, R became one of the best programming languages for projects requiring extensive data analysis, graphical data modeling, spatial and time-series analysis.
  • Python also proves to be useful for web development, creating enterprise applications, and GUIs for applications.
  • Developers can use C# for a range of projects, including game development, server-side programming, web development, creating web forms, mobile applications, and more.
  • The matter is that C is a middle-level language, while C++ is a high-level one.

“That’s a 25% growth rate, one of the highest across all the large programming language communities of more than 7M users,” the report noted. JavaScript is now used by more than 16.4 million developers globally, says a survey of more than 19,000 coders – making it the world’s most popular programming language “by a wide margin”. Like Swift and Kotlin, Ruby is used for certain clear goals; therefore, the number of developers who chose it is lower than multi-purpose JavaScript and Python. It first appeared in 1972, and it was created by Dennis M. Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories to develop UNIX operating system. C is a classic programming language that is obligatory for everyone who wants to develop in the software engineering industry. C# was Microsoft’s approach to developing a programming language similar to the object-oriented C as part of its .NET initiative.

Want To Become A Web Developer In 2022? Heare The Top 5 Programming Languages You Can Choose From

SlashData suggested that misinformation about 5G might be at least partly to blame here. “Clearer messaging about the potential of 5G may help to bring new developers on board. However, this is not without challenges in an age where confusion and misinformation about 5G are prevalent,” the report said. Just tell us about your project, what are your goals, and let’s start. We’ve been working with different developers and know for sure what exactly your business might need.

TypeScript is my personal favorite and a modern programming language for web development. Just like we have C and C++, TypeScript can be considered as JavaScript++ though it’s not as popular as C++. There is no doubt that JavaScript is the King of web development and probably the most popular language among web developers. It’s also the only language that allows you to create web applications, both frontend, and backend as well as mobile applications . According to SlashData, Python added 2.3m developers to its community in the past 12 months.

And, if you need more choices, here is another list of some best TypeScript courses to start with. If you need more choices, you can also checkout this list of best JavaScript courses for beginners to start with. Experienced developers were found to be the most content in their jobs – around one in six of those with 16 or more years of experience said nothing would make them change jobs. Career advancement and taking on a more challenging role both peak for developers with three to five years under their belts, the survey found. Developers in Eastern Europe were most likely to prioritise increasing their salary – nearly seven in 10 said a better offer would prompt them to switch jobs. Compensation was also important for Chinese developers, with three in five saying better pay would make them switch.

This language covers multiple business requests and helps in solving various needs. JavaScript, also known as JS, is a multi-paradigm and dynamic language, which supports object-oriented, imperative, and declarative styles. Employment of software developers will grow by 22% in 10 years , which is much faster than the average for all jobs. This was a huge plus point for developers who were familiar with either of these languages.

But with the development of the IT sector, the number of languages that are in demand increases every day. It allows the developers to maintain reference counts in extension libraries. The history of Kotlin started back in 2011 as a new language for the JVM. C / C++ are known for a fantastic number of resources to work with and offers impressively fast execution of programs. Also, C / C++ is used as the foundation for understanding other languages.

Top 5 Programming Languages for Developers in 2022 – Analytics Insight

Top 5 Programming Languages for Developers in 2022.

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As the IT sector is developing like lightning, the demand for specialists is also increasing rapidly. Get the FREE collection of 50+ data science cheatsheets and the leading newsletter on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning, straight to your inbox. Regarding JavaScript, there is a high demand for Javascript developers offering a modest salary. Pretty much every other project or industry that needs to deal with large amounts of data stored in tables or databases uses SQL through an RDBMS.


As for PHP and Go, they continue to maintain a respectable position in the industry. If you are planning to build your career in information technologies, don’t stop learning new languages. Therefore, you will always be up to date, and any job application will be successful for you.

Top 5 web development languages

While C was released in the 70s by Dennis Ritchie, C++, an extension to C with classes and many other additions, such as object-oriented features, was released later by Bjarne Stroustrup in the mid-80s. HTML provides the structure while CSS provides the style and helps them to look better and more visually appealing. If you want to become a serious frontend developer then you must master these two in 2022. The good part of TypeScript is that it adds type-safety in JavaScript code which means you can catch nasty JavaScript type-related errors in the development phase.


There is a saying about “right tool for the right job” and it very much applies to a programming language. Not all programming languages are designed the same and that’s why they are not equally good for everything. Hello guys, if you want to become a web developer in 2022 but not sure which programming language is best for web development then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best web development courses and web developer roadmap, and today, I am going to talk about the 5 best programming languages for web development in 2022. Rust is another programming language that has been making waves in recent years. The open-source programming language is mostly used in embedded software and ‘bare metal’ development, although has also found a home in AR and VR game development.

Of course, a perfect knowledge of all programming languages is impossible. But it will be good to know at least some basics to switch to development on this language easily. It’s because C andC++ are both very low-level programming languages, offering blazing fast performance, which is why they were and are still being used to develop operating systems, file systems, and other system-level applications.

Some of them disappear unnoticed; others become popular among the coders. Mastering Python can help you land one of the top 3 highest paying job roles in the industry. With Python, you can apply for Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Data Scientist, and can even secure job positions in the most reputed companies with a handsome package. Java’s popularity can be seen clearly among the Fortune 500 members as 90% of them use Java to manage their business efficiently. — If you are a complete beginner not just for web development but also in the programming world but aim to become a web developer in 2022, then I also suggest you join The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp course on Udemy. It’s one of the comprehensive and most up-to-date resources to learn Web development in 2022.






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