Cousin Maria Lucia, you can cam openly and you may candidly in order to Archbishop Bertone, who can declaration the answers directly to me personally

Cousin Maria Lucia, you can cam openly and you may candidly in order to Archbishop Bertone, who can declaration the answers directly to me personally

I will be ready to be able to see your with the the latest long-anticipated day’s the new Beatification regarding Francisco and Jacinta, and this, excite God, I will celebrate towards 13 Will get associated with the 12 months.

Given that on that day there’ll be big date simply for an effective brief anticipate and never a discussion, I am delivering Their Excellency Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, Assistant of the Congregation for the Doctrine of your own Trust, to speak with your. This is the Congregation hence works most directly on the Pope for the defending the real Catholic trust, and you may hence while the 1957, as you know, features left the hand-authored letter which has the 3rd the main a??secreta?? found for the 13 July 1917 during the Cova weil Iria, Fatima.

Archbishop Bertone, accompanied by the brand new Bishop off Leiria, His Excellency Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva, Religieux rencontre en ligne is available in my personal term to ask particular questions regarding the fresh translation out-of a??the 3rd part of the secreta??.

Get Mary, Mom of pilgrim humanity, keep all of us usually united in order to Goodness, this lady beloved Son and you may the brother, the father from lifetime and you will fame

I pray fervently to the Mommy of your own Increased Lord to own you, Reverend Cousin, on Area off Coimbra and for the whole Church.

Brand new conference between Sibling Lucia, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of Congregation for the Philosophy of the Believe, delivered from the Holy Dad, and you may Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira age Silva, Bishop regarding Leiria-Fatima, happened into Thursday, , on Carmel from Saint Teresa during the Coimbra.

The fresh Bishop from Leiria-Fatima read the autograph page of Holy Dad, and this explained the causes towards the see

Sibling Lucia was lucid at simplicity; she are happy that Holy Father was going to Fatima with the Beatification out-of Francisco and Jacinta, something she got appeared forward to for quite some time.

Cousin Lucia thought honoured through this and you may reread the letter herself, thinking about it in the very own her hand. She said that she was happy to answer most of the inquiries honestly.

Thus far, Archbishop Bertone displayed one or two envelopes so you can this lady: the first that has had another, and this kept the 3rd the main a??secreta?? out-of Fatima. Instantaneously, holding it with her hands, she said: a??This can be my lettera??, immediately after which while you are understanding it: a??This might be my writinga??.

The initial text, when you look at the Portuguese, was see and interpreted with the aid of the latest Bishop regarding Leiria-Fatima. Brother Lucia assented on interpretation that third part of this new a??secreta?? was a good prophetic vision, like those who work in sacred record. She constant their conviction your attention off Fatima concerns above most of the challenge of atheistic Communism contrary to the Church and you can against Christians, and you will makes reference to the awful sufferings of the sufferers of your own faith about twentieth-century.

When asked: a??Is the prominent contour regarding eyes the fresh new Pope?a??, Sis Lucia responded at a time that it was. She remembered the three people was indeed very sad about the suffering of one’s Pope, and that Jacinta kept stating: a??Coitadinho do Santo Padre, tenho muita pena 2 pecadores!a?? (a??Bad Holy Father, I’m most unfortunate to possess sinners!a??). Sis Lucia continued: a??We failed to know the title of one’s Pope; Our Women didn’t write to us the name of your Pope; we failed to understand if it try Benedict XV or Pius XII otherwise Paul VI otherwise John Paul II; however it are brand new Pope who was simply suffering and therefore generated us endure tooa??.

As regards the fresh new passing regarding Bishop dressed in light, that is, brand new Holy Fathera??once the college students quickly know inside the a??visiona??a??who is hit deceased and you can drops to the floor, Aunt Lucia was a student in full agreement with the Pope’s claim that a??it absolutely was a mom’s give that guided the newest bullet’s road and you may inside the throes the fresh Pope halted from the threshold off deatha?? (Pope John Paul II, Reflection in the Policlinico Gemelli with the Italian Bishops, 13 Get 1994).






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