BTGuard VPN review


BTGuard doesn’t have native apps so you need to perform manual setups on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and other platforms. Step-by-step tutorials are available, but the setup process is still overwhelming for beginners or non-tech savvy people. Top VPNs like ExpressVPNand Private Internet Accesshave apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux that are easy to install and use.

In this BTGuard VPN review in UK, I have tested each of its apps that I will discuss below. BTGuard does not store any kind of logs in UK, whether it be connection logs or usage logs. BTGuard torrent service should definitely be appealing to the netizens. BTGuard has only 3 servers located in Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands.


You can test whether your btguard review 2020 address is hidden by downloading and opening the tracking torrent with µTorrent. The company operates servers in Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore. I downloaded the preconfigured µTorrent client which has all the settings for anonymity in place and entered the credentials. I went to their site, chose a username and password, and selected a subscription period. Software at the ISP scans the network for people downloading copyrighted material and matches IP to names and address. They are claiming to provide support but do not have any.

Once you’ve signed up, you will need to send tickets in order to get help. There aren’t many customer support options, and it can take days to get a response. BTGuard VPN is a BitTorrent VPN, meaning it masks your public IP address, reroutes your connection through servers, and protects your identity.

Torrenting – Allowed and Encouraged

With the older version of OpenVPN, you can expect plenty of ip leaks. If you install the older version then BTGuard VPN is likely to work. Because even if you install OpenVPN correctly and configure its TAP driver properly, BTGuard VPN would not connect. In other words, the OpenVPN VPN app can hold its own against some above-average dedicated VPN apps. The new OpenVPN also protects users against WebRTC leaks (WebRTC standards for Web Real-Time Communication). It accepts PayPal along with credit card and debit card as its payment options.


Now, encryption technologies such as RSA-1028 bit are not strong enough. The TLS connection also comes with perfect forward secrecy thanks to the Diffie-Hellman Exchange. First hackers have to go through the Transport Layer Security connection.

Media Streaming & Torrenting Support

It’s one of the first VPNs created in 2008 specifically with torrenting in mind. Originally, it became a superstar VPN thanks to an endorsement by TorrentFreak. I am a cybersecurity specialist with experience in analysis and assessment and integration.

So BTGuard VPN average data channel encryption isn’t really under threat even if hackers try to hack a particular user. The older version of OpenVPN doesn’t have DNS leak protection through. And since OpenVPN is such an established piece of VPN software and otherwise, this provides BTGuard VPN the perfect opportunity to allow customers a reliable VPN service.

  • However, the same is true for any number of other providers.
  • The older version of OpenVPN app is stable but it doesn’t have all those features we just mentioned above.
  • This service was a let-down, and I would recommend just about any other service instead of it.
  • Users who can legally download torrents in their countries will enjoy the featured preconfigured version of uTorrent.

You are ensured with solid encryption, no logs approach, and the likelihood to make detaches utilizing BitCoin. The nonattendance of its own radiant customer can in like be viewed as a basic inadequacy – neighboring in case you couldn’t consider getting to any extra highlights. It is obviously simple to utilize, which is moving news for all first-time clients and adolescents. They claim that they keep no logs, but they also say that they don’t sell or share your data with unrelated third parties. It allows you to hide your real IP address and location, which can make you less vulnerable to online spies.

A touch of the most far away servers all around shows in like way decreases. Organization together is on an exceptionally fundamental level unfaltering in any case you may encounter times of lost affiliations. With all examined, there are stores of reports online about clients who experienced the unfaltering quality and speed issues. If you plan to use a VPN for safe torrenting, NordVPN is a great solution.

Some users have reported that turnaround times are as long as three days. Despite all this, BTGuard is still the best option for BitTorrent users. However, if you want better performance, a more secure service, or a VPN that is designed for P2P, try one of the many other P2P-friendly options. BTGuard has a number of servers in Amsterdam, Toronto, and Singapore. You can choose to connect to a server using the OpenVPN protocol.

That, combined with the high cost of the makes it easy to pass on this VPN. I’m sure there are other’s that offer much more and a better price. The best VPN service providers offer more than 50 countries for VPN server location and connection.

BTGuard offers decent speeds but does not unblock the majority of popular streaming services. The program also does not offer a native client and keeps log files. BTGuard’s connection speeds are astonishingly reliable, despite having only a few servers. This provider claims that it offers multi-homed bandwidth to multiple tier-one networks to give you fast reroute speeds, and I did experience those speeds. You can manually set up a kill switch, but that’s very inconvenient — all the top providers on the market have apps with built-in kill switches.

Security — Needs More Options

As a drawback, BTGuard cannot unblock the majority of streaming services, lacks enough servers to prevent overcrowding, is not available in China, and lacks a client app for popular OSes. The BTGuard VPN kicks in at $9.95 per month, $27.95 per three months, $49.95 per six months, and $89.95 per year. The VPN service supports PPTP and OpenVPN, 256-bit encryption, unlimited download speeds, and 10Gbit servers in the Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore.

connect to server

Those who want a truly P2P-friendly VPN should look at our list of best VPNs for torrenting. The next page will ask you for account details and your preferred pricing plan. One of the few good things about BTGuard is that registration requires only a valid email address.

Configuring BTGuard with PPTP

Some speed tests in locations a few hundred miles from its server locations dropped almost 90 percent. That means a 100-megabit connection is only suitable for ten megabits once you connect to its VPN server. Unlimited connection speeds may be a little rarer but, other VPN services also offer 20 to 30 times more server locations which make up for speed caps in some cases. This isn’t the cons section, so enough about that for now. Unlike IPVanish which will cancel you without notice if they don’t like what or where you go on the web for any reason, etc., etc., etc.

  • Once the config files downloaded, click it once and let the system automatically extract and copy the files into OpenVPN’s configuration folder; even your grandmother can do this.
  • Many of the top VPNs have a dedicated app for all types of devices.
  • Secure browser setup at the University of Santa Cruz, USA.
  • BTGuard has 3 servers in 3 countries and 1000 different IP addresses.
  • BTGuard is indeed optimized for secure torrenting and other online activities.
  • In other words, BTGuard is best for individual users torrenting on a single device at a time.

In other words, BTGuard is best for individual users torrenting on a single device at a time. Unfortunately, BTGuard users expecting VPN-like unblocking might find piracy more appealing (again, we don’t recommend this). Due to its limited network, BTGuard can only unblock websites in Canada, The Netherlands, and Singapore, leaving the US and most EU-based streaming services blocked. This plan is aimed at BitTorrent users who wish to download files anonymously. It does so by providing a proxy Internet Protocol address with which users can hide their true IP address. This is an extremely useful tool for protecting your identity from other users on any peer-to-peer network.

Some reviewers have reported that the service’s ticketing system even gives errors which is unheard of if we’re talking about mildly good VPN service providers. Its subscription packages cost more than even some of the best VPN service providers in the market today. The thing is, top VPN service providers are invested in the user AND their business. The BTGuard VPN also makes it easier for users to set the service up by offerings a neat version of uTorrent which is preconfigured with the required settings.

There’s no free trial available, and also this VPN doesn’t offer any money-back guarantees. The following table will show much you need to pay for each of these, as well as how much you can save. It should also be noted that BTGuard offers a way for you to submit an official ticket. However, the problem is that you’ll never receive a response.







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