Touma ‘s the form of you to serves in advance of he thinks

Touma ‘s the form of you to serves in advance of he thinks

He is able to never ever only sit around upon enjoying anybody inside a great pinch and will go to high lengths to safeguard or help the individual. So it the guy do on higher chance to help you himself, and that generally leads to him getting hospitalized for several days shortly after each confrontation. When attacking positively against a particularly good enemy, Touma will usually earliest claim that he’ll “ruin that fantasy” regarding theirs, before actually engaging. Though this might be simply element of Touma’s well-meaning character and you may kindness. Whenever Himegami Aisa questioned him concerning reason he preserves some body, he responded: “I do not you desire an explanation to keep some one”. Regardless if they are during the a blank slate after dropping their recollections, Touma nevertheless displays which identity. No matter if not having their memories, Touma does not appear to mope over the loss of her or him specifically, due to the fact philosophy regarding his pre-blank state always encourage him, allowing your to understand what he needs to do even when the guy will not think about as to the reasons. However, immediately following dropping their recollections, the guy appears to means somebody way more meticulously, meticulously going for what feelings otherwise vibe to display when conference somebody the guy believes he might discover. Touma following knew their mistake quickly and you will authored a conclusion getting their decisions. [8] Touma and bears no grudge to the previous foes which can be ready to assist them once they wanted they. [9]

Aiwass have commented you to definitely Touma is undertaking whichever the guy feels is great which will be branded “righteous” by the anybody else impulsively as he opposed the differences anywhere between your, Accelerator, and you will Shiage. [10] Touma is someone who will abide by just what the escort reviews Santa Rosa CA guy believes regardless of exactly what anybody else attempt to convince your out-of. In addition, Villian mentioned you to definitely Touma is like William Orwell, somebody who employs their own beliefs regardless of the [11] , even though there was differences between the 2: William is actually an individual who stays real to his beliefs and you can completely thinks it will be the correct street regardless of the goes, no amount which speaks against it; when you find yourself Touma doesn’t have put beliefs which is going to be controlled toward providing other people’s plots. Incase the guy really does take action wrong, Motoharu describes Touma because the someone who often bring one mistake all on his own, together with his own. In spite of this, he will best their mistakes in order to bring a good look in order to every person’s face at the conclusion of the street, whatever the prices in order to themselves. [12]

Even in the event they are a properly-mannered person who are kind to people generally speaking, Touma doesn’t think twice to strike female opponents who spoil innocents otherwise disrespect lifestyle, such as Sherry Cromwell (who was going to begin a conflict ranging from Research and you can Faith who would make death of hundreds of thousands), Agnese Sanctis (who had been assigned to eliminate Orsola), Oriana Thomson (who hurt Fukiyose Seiri and you may Himegami Aisa), or Vento of your own Front side (whom desired to wreck Academy City and one thing associated with science to settle the girl grudge on what took place so you can the lady brother in the for the last).

This might be to eliminate her or him watching because of their ruse and you can exploiting your

Despite his righteous and brave identification, Touma occasionally displays bad selection of terminology which leads to him bringing bitten by the Index, having bolts away from lightning tossed by Misaka Mikoto, and you can undertaking confusion for the other lady he encounters.

Whenever Touma fits Stiyl once again once preserving Index, he shown complimentary and you may casualness on the your and therefore made Stiyl skeptical

During Business War III, immediately following 1st clash against Fiamma of your Best, when Touma asked Fiamma’s actions regarding how rightful both is actually, Fiamma dared your to help you confront Directory from the their memory loss and this kept Touma saddened as a result of the shame. [13] While in the his fight with Accelerator, the guy restored his trust nevertheless the guilt still stays with your. [14]






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