Benson volunteers by herself, and you will Lewis started initially to fondle and caress the woman, however, Benson would not yield to their sexual wishes

Benson volunteers by herself, and you will Lewis started initially to fondle and caress the woman, however, Benson would not yield to their sexual wishes

Beast’s Fixation

It was later on showed that the reason behind Lewis’ seizure try spiked pastries supplied to your by jury forewoman in the modern demonstration, a celebrity named Bronwyn Freed. She had visited Lewis’ prison, thinking him for come improperly found guilty. In advance of among the visits, she wishing brand new pastries, hence contains her very own anti-anxiety prescribed drugs, and you may provided them to Lewis. After the his hospitalization, doctors pronounced him deceased whenever tries to resuscitate your were not successful. Following, the guy in an instant “auto-resuscitated” and you will, amidst new Saturday day havoc, attacked the authorities manager guarding your and a nursing assistant migliore app incontrare filippini attending to your, every when you are undetected. He slain the brand new administrator of the snapping their neck and you can after stole his weapon, and you can raped and you may mutilated the new nursing assistant, however, she lasted. Lewis after that converted into new nurse’s dresses, tried it so you’re able to merge, and escaped a medical facility on the nurse’s vehicle. Shortly after he escaped, he named Benson, today good Sergeant, utilizing the nurse’s cellphone and you can informed her “We overlooked you, sunshine” just before clinging upwards.

Later, Lewis occupied the fresh Cole home, test and you can killed Cole, raped new earliest girl Lauren and you will leftover the woman bound and you can choked the woman inside the a drawer, and abducted new youngest delia. Through to being found, Lauren reveals with the detectives that Lewis had entrusted the girl which have a message designed entirely to have Benson, and therefore she had a need to consult with Benson alone. Whenever that has been provided, she delivers the message: “Be truthful, or even the woman dies”. Whenever Lieutenant Declan Murphy asks this lady just what one suggested, Benson demonstrates to you one she had perjured by herself throughout their demo. At the same time, Lewis kills a man and steals his automobile, next robs a gas route and sounds the fresh clerk unconscious. After, within police headquarters, Lewis calls her or him to your landline, and you can claims he communicate with Benson. For the phone, the guy once again necessary you to she make confession in the future or else however eliminate Amelia, and Martha Marron. Benson agrees to really make the confession to your alive Tv in standing that Amelia and you can Marron remain alive. He believes, but violently shoves a guy the guy entry out-of because Marron off an airline from stairs and you will sounds your into entry, next is able to avoid cops once again.

Lewis lots a half a dozen-chambered revolver, ticks the muzzle to their head, and you will brings the latest end in, simply to reveal a blank

Lewis’ current refrain prompts Benson and also make a televised confession regarding the the girl perjury. She declares you to definitely she got assaulted Lewis regarding fury, as opposed to necessity, and said you to definitely her admission got produced in the place of coercion and you may by her own volition. After, Benson contacts Lewis, claims one she you can expect to been save your self Amelia. She evades their coverage teams, requires a beneficial civilian’s vehicle, and brains so you’re able to a beneficial junkyard in which Lewis was at. Here, he retains her within gunpoint, disarms their, takes away her cellphone, and you can unstraps their police vest. Then kidnaps their and you will transfers their in order to Amelia’s area, an abandoned and you may decrepit factory. Because they traveled with the uppermost floor in which Amelia is actually, Lewis taunts this lady. Then forces their to determine anywhere between letting herself end up being raped or which have Amelia, who was limited by the lady wrists, getting raped. Because of this, he forces her to participate in a game title away from Russian Roulette.

He glides this new weapon to Benson, pushing the lady so you can flame the gun within this lady direct, towards the risk he perform capture the woman if the she don’t exercise. Hesitantly, she draws the latest end up in, discussing other empty. Lewis, to-be happy, retrieves the new gun and pulls the fresh new cause when you are setting-out it from the his very own lead, firing an alternative empty. Prior to Benson takes the woman change, but not, Lewis hears helicopters and realizes that the police had receive the location. Undeterred, the guy taunts the fresh new investigators as a consequence of an effective walkie-talkie he previously stolen, advising the latest SVU of the video game. Benson requires the newest revolver again and you can revealed various other blank. Lewis up coming requires the brand new revolver and you may shown several other blank. For the only chamber left as the loaded you to definitely, Lewis says to Benson, “Video game over.” All of a sudden, just after intimidating and emotionally tormenting their with the prospect of the girl passing, the guy enhances the gun so you can their lead having fun with his left-hand and fired, killing himself so that you can physique Benson to own his death.







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