The trick is to wear a very long skirt and wear thermal underwear beneath

The trick is to wear a very long skirt and wear thermal underwear beneath

Kristen, I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and women are simply not allowed to wear slacks in their churches or in their door to door magazine work. I have gone door to door selling WatchTower magazines in below zero weather and a foot of snow wearing a dress. Also wear thick wool socks. Then wear boots to cover the socks and the bottoms of the thermals. Since you live in a cold climate also, I thought you might appreciate these tips.

while i often choose to wear pants, out of both practicality and modesty (finding good skirts is harder than finding decent pants) i do have to agree… you can layer a LOT more underneath a skirt or a dress for warmth than you can under pants.

for that matter, i have been known to layer pants under my skirts! but then i am always cold. oh, and a slight advice? wintersilks is a company that sells silk long johns and thermals. ranging from very light weight to polar. i am SURE there are many other companies who make such things, i just know that one…silk lining socks, worn under any other pair of socks, makes for much warmer feet

That’s five articles of clothing, six if you add a slip, just on my lower half! The Lord hasn’t called me to that in prayerful discernment and the CHURCH has NOT made any request of me either. Plus, I think that looks like I don’t care more than any of the other clothing options I discussed – surely you mean winter, snow boots that are extremely casual and intended for sledding and chopping wood. Thick socks do not fit with more stylish boots.

While I appreciate that you think you are trying to help me (not that I need help adding more clothes to my closet ;-)…I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to wear underwear plus thermal underwear plus an ankle-length skirt plus thick wool socks plus boots to Mass

Besides, when did showing my calves become immodest? I wonder if there will be throngs of people who don’t make it to heaven because they don’t accept that their bodies are created good without any clothing. The fear of immodesty and lust has led so many to believe the body is inherently bad and devoid of life-giving love. Outside of the acceptable caveat of childbirth, many Christians genuinely believe that the body is the cause of sin, but that their souls will rise above that to go to heaven. It breaks my heart when Catholics believe this largely Puritanical/Protestant heresy.

Who am I jumping through that hoop for?

I CAN’T WAIT until I am in heaven and can be naked without shame – prancing around in my best outfit, my birthday suit! Thank you, Lord, for creating my calves, my thighs and my heaven-approved breasts! In a fallen, broken world, my body doesn’t see the light nearly as much as it could if lust wasn’t around. Stupid sin, makin’ me wear all these clothes and hide the original goodness the Lord created in the garden…in His image. That’s right, we are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD. Let’s not forget that under our seven layers of clothing.

I’m glad leggings have made a comeback, as a side. They help extend the dress/skirt season in the spring and fall months…without wearing my camo boots for warmth!

BTW, Serena, I’m sure you have a fascinating story about converting from being a Jehovah’s Witness to becoming Catholic. You should start your own blog!







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