A number of Slovenian groups specific classification-certain tradition survive

A number of Slovenian groups specific classification-certain tradition survive

One of them try miklavz evanje, festivals out-of sv. Miklavz or even the dated St Sacramento CA eros escort. Nick’s banquet if the a good saint, dressed up as a great bishop and you may followed closely by angels and you may parkelji (absolutely nothing devils), visits Slovenian communities, exhorts children to get a great, and you may directs merchandise, usually regarding a beneficial throne make the cardio of the phase. Vintage festivals ( trgatve ) within recreation facilities otherwise parks and in national places attention merrymakers, having dance otherwise communicating lower than groups from enticing red grapes; individuals who reach for her or him and are caught from the “police,” try


June twenty-five is well known to draw the country’s liberty from the former Yugoslav Federation. Slovenian Us americans and additionally commemorate The brand new Year’s Date, Catholic Easter and Xmas, and banquet times of certain new orleans saints from the Catholic schedule.


Slovenian people has showcased the worth of good health. Perhaps one of the most frequently cited sayings states, ” Zdravje je najvec je bogastvo “-“Wellness is best wealth.” After the Czech lead, more influential Slovenian childhood organizations, which in turn integrated “youngsters” 50 otherwise 70 yrs . old, have been the new Eagles ( Orli ) together with Falcons ( Sokoli ). It followed a historical Roman tip since their own motto,” Males sana during the corpore sano “-“A heathy mind from inside the a healthy body,” listening to development of each other an excellent profile and you can exercise. Energetic involvement inside the athletics, gymnastics, walks, nature hikes, rock climbing, and you may a variety of recreations, and skiing, donate to good health. Alcohol consumption and puffing, on the other hand, was among the below average strategies in which more and more Slovenians pamper.

In the usa, overcrowded boarding houses and you can lives into the gloomy urban areas which have sky, liquid, and noises contaminants provided a different variety of health hazards to own very early immigrants. During the locations such metal mills and you can coal mines, work-related threats lurked having experts. Many have a tendency to experienced unavoidable crashes, improved contamination, extremes regarding temperature and you may cold, and you will toxic contamination that have coal soil causing black colored lung condition you to definitely considerably shortened living out of countless miners. In a few mining locations, of Pennsylvania so you can Wyoming, there was a stunning lack of more mature boys; in addition to their widows endure having only their small home and you will lower later years pensions to compensate her or him for their families’ display in building a very successful The usa.

Once the performing and you may way of living criteria has actually generally enhanced, and some a healthy body activities read into the teens possess continuous, medical and you may psychological state out-of Slovenian Us citizens has become equivalent compared to that off most other Us americans. It is not sure whether or not do-it-yourself solutions, such as a small pharmacy out-of therapeutic plants that many Slovenian immigrant properties maintained, have been one of several adding factors to top wellness. A reason of “quite top” than just “national health” was hit of the Dr. Sylvia J. O’Kicki, whom checked-out a group of Slovenian Americans that have equivalent cohorts chose regarding the National Fitness Interviews Questionnaire out of 1985. She says from inside the Ethnicity and you will Health you to definitely “when the group of Slovene Us citizens without the mention of the the new quantity of ethnicity try than the federal Western decide to try they differ positively when you look at the health status together with habit of wellness behavior. People who find themselves actively involved in the community and you may life style of the cultural group declaration a advantageous wellness reputation and practice out of more positive wellness behavior.”

Generally speaking, there is certainly a beneficial reong prior to immigrants who were confronted with negative conditions and you may problems that couples you will definitely envision now. Post-World war ii refugees together with went through many years of deprivations, adversity out-of go camping existence, and you will a number of the brand new difficulties during the a mystical the country, which often left them personally and mentally worn out and penniless. Many of them even live death camps such Dachau; two of them, Milan Zajec and you may Honest Dejak, miraculously fled from a beneficial communist size grave.







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